Special Citizens

Special citizens are non-humans or unique classes.


Dogs can patrol 8 fields, and only consume one unit of meat per month.


Cats are self-sufficient, and prevent grain from being destroyed by rats. Four cats can be sacrificed to produce one unit of meat.


Horses can be used by warriors to be able to patrol 3 extra fields. They must be raised by a herder, who produces 2 less units of meat per month in order to raise each horse. They can be sacrificed for 2 units of meat.


Mages are powerful units on the battlefield, and can maintain enchantments on the weapons of up to 50 warriors, giving a +1 non-stacking) attack bonus for each warrior. The mage can also become a teacher at an academy.

High Priest

High priests can perform perform miracles, healing the sick and wounded, and receive great blessings from the gods. They can also become a teacher at an academy.


Alchemists can brew potions and make healing salves. They may require herbs that can only be grown by a skilled farmer.

Special Citizens

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