The most prominent and numerous race, they can be found from sea to sea, and exist in many different nations. Humans can be found in nearly ever profession and all over the land, particularly excelling at politics and management. Naturally advantageous, they try to one up their fellow humans in hopes of success in a ruthless system of their own creation. A city of humans is bustling with every manner of good and service, although all for personal gain. There is no good way to define a human, considering they are so diverse.


The standard measure for all other humanoid races. They have “average” features, in comparison to the drastic elves and dwarves. Even so, a human’s body compared to their neighbor is as different as they are culturally, practically separate races between themselves. Though this is true, they have a few commonly shared features. Normally not as thick as a dwarf and only slightly thinner than an Enkarni, but not as thin as an elf. They are taller than a dwarf or elf, but not as tall as an Enkarni (most times). Humans are the middle ground between most of the known races, having the most non-drastic features.


The first humans existed in tribes scattered throughout the Hinterlands and Mandolian Heights to the south. Hunter-gathering bands formed, and societies eventually developed. Empires have formed and fallen, and most have been lost to time. Although there are some documents that detail these lost civilizations, they are few and far between, and most written in a dead language.

Constantly warring with one another, perhaps due to population, or perhaps due to a natural affinity for aggression and dominance, nations throughout have fought wars, humans cause the majority of war. There has been no time in history when humans have completely joined forces, and never has it been in a time of peace.

One recent empire, the Deos Electorum, has had a profound effect on the present empires. More information can be found on the Deos Electorum page.

Modern Humans

The broken human empires spread all across the known world, and they are present in nearly ever aspect of life. There are few cities where one could not find a human, whether or not it if a human city. They permeate every part of society, from the lowliest beggar to the highest king. They can be rulers, or servants. There is no part of the world that hasn’t been touched by a human. The humans follow a 12 month year (Sollus), and 28-31 day month (Lunas), which has been adopted by the dwarves and Enkarni. The months, named after deities, are Aestimonten, Caermonton, Cedonton, Ardeton, Siemart, Kroxvorn, Vannaton, Brantoll, Ospeson, Vitlaros, Scoraton, and Malebon. A small offering is traditionally offered at the beginning of each month to the deity corresponding with that month. The embarks from Mona-Clavel on the 12 of Scoraton, in the 4205 Sollus.


The human pantheon is shared between them and the Enkarni, along with some dwarves who spend extended time with humans. Although they share the same religion, and nearly all the gods, some lesser deities are favored by the Enkarni. The divide is mainly concerned with primal and war Gods, as well as most being evil-aligned. The Gods the humans and Enkarni worship encompass all aspects of their lives, and giving offerings to them will give you favor with the God. Sailors will give offerings to Aestideus, the God of the Tempests, to gain protection during long naval trips, or a businessman would appease the God of Wealth, Opuses, to increase his chances of a business deal. The complete pantheon is listed below, along with their domains.

The Major Gods:
Aestideus the Judge, God of the Tempests, Sailors, Weapons, and Justice. Leader of the gods.
Caermayn the Giver, Goddess of Birth
Cedius the Taker, Goddess of Death
Arderelo the Merciless, God of Fire and Rage
Siecem the Tranquil, Goddess of Woodlands and Silence
Krox’vour the Psychopath, The God of Brawling, Blunt Weapons and Revenge
Vanniel the Imposing, God of Water and Peace
Bran’smee the Pure, Goddess of Health and Healing
Opesus the Greedy, Goddess of Success and Wealth
Vitlos the Frugal, Goddess of Farmers and Growth
Scoro the Single Minded, God of Smiths and Focus
Malebue the Honest, God of Trust and Bowmen

Enkarni Favored Gods:
Baulné the Sadist, Goddess of Blood and Blades
Frykt Gykt the Lurker, God of Shadows and Concealment
Ondemoll the Tyrant, God of the Fel Magic

There are countless other minor gods with small followings throughout the world.


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