Welcome to the Jungle
What a way to start a colony...

After embarking from Mona-Clavel, the players had a rather uneventful journey- save a few mermaid sightings. However, right before they were set to land, they encountered a powerful storm, crashing their ship. Now, they are stranded in a strange new world, with little food and no knowledge of the land.

For Mona-Clavel!
Which love is more so / In purity and nobility / As love of country?

Diogenes and Publius were granted an audience with Queen Elimore herself. After knighting them, she gave them a royal proclamation- to go out and colonize the new world. Armed with 105 men, including famed captain Valya of the Royal Navy, the adventurers have made preparations and are ready to embark on their adventure for knowledge, glory and conquest. For Mona-Clavel!


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